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21 August 2023

I am the Dream Seer

by Brianna

I am Brianna I am the Dream Seer

I witness your dreams

More than you can ever believe, I believe on your behalf.

Tell me your dreams, I live to hear them.

What lives deep down inside you? What is the tiny spark that yearns to be fanned into a raging blaze?

My dreams command the utmost respect, for they are me. Your dreams deserve the light of witnessing. Come forth and let them SHINE.


What if I don’t have any dreams?

Take a deep breath. You just haven’t practiced. Ask yourself this question: If I had all the money in the world, and no external responsibilities, what would I like to do?

Close your eyes, and let something come to mind.

What if I have LOTS of dreams?

Please tell me as many as you feel comfortable.

How do I tell you my dreams?

Put them in the comments below!



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